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A cat with the same colors as his eyes pulls him out of his unit and rejects his surroundings



A cat with the same colors as his eyes pulls him out of his unit and rejects his surroundings

FaceBook : Christina Humphreys

It can be difficult to live a life where you are different from others, especially if you are young and surrounded by people who do not accept the difference.You will spend most of your time preparing for any verbal or physical abuse.

Madden Humphries, from Oklahoma, USA, was 8 years old. The only difference between him and ordinary boys in his age is the fact that he was born with a mismatched face because he was born with a rabbit lip with a condition called heterochromia, which means that the person’s eyes are of two different colors (Heterochromia),

Despite having plastic surgery on his lips at birth, his unusual appearance often led to intimidation at school.

FaceBook: Christina Humphreys

FaceBook: Christina Humphreys

Fortunately, Madden was a powerful little soldier who did not falter in the face of adversity, although he took the comments that took him into account.

Madden’s mother, Christian Humphries, soon joined a Facebook group where parents of children with the condition could discuss issues related to their children, such as how to overcome their children’s embarrassment or depression.

One day, something in the group was posted around a cat that was also born with a two-color contrast. That wasn’t the only thing.

It turns out that the cat was also born with eyes that match Madden’s eyes. The left was blue right green, just like little Madden. When Christina saw the picture of the cat, she realized that she had to collect her son with the cat that matched him.

A cat with the same colors as his eyes pulls him out of his unit and rejects his surroundings

The problem was that the cat lived more than 150 miles away, and the family did not have enough money to pay for the trip. It didn’t take long for friends, family and strangers to collectively try to help Christina realize her dream for her son. In just a few days, they raised enough money to go to Minnesota and embrace the cat.

It seemed clear that Madden and Cat Moon had a special bond, as if they were destined to meet.

Christina wrote on Facebook about the experience:

“We traveled from Oklahoma to Minnesota this weekend, to get the Moon Cat. We enjoyed a great deal of generosity from friends and strangers, which makes the trip easy, and we can adopt the cat to Madden. We are very grateful. ”

The beautiful Madden and Moon were born with unmatched faces, the right eye is green, and the left is blue, in exactly the same degrees, and they seemed to have become best friends.
It is gratifying how a pet can make you feel less alone !!

Being involved means you care ..

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