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A child born without two eyeballs in Russia and his mother refuses custody



In rare congenital morbidity, it has only two counterparts in the whole world, a child born without two eyeballs.

The story of a child born without two eyeballs:

According to reports about the story. Alexander, also known as Sasha, was born in April this year.

Doctors said about his condition that he would not be able to see, although he was healthy. According to sources, Alexander’s mother grew up in an orphanage and decided to have her baby before she was born because she was not sure she could give him the life he deserved.

I feared that he would find a similar fate. But she experienced a great shock when she saw the condition of her child, and determined to abandon him altogether.

During a search for a family looking after the young Alexander, who was assigned to the heads of research in Russia, a nurse in the Siberian city of Tomsk took care of him:

“It is no different from other children. It plays and smiles like any healthy child.” “Loves to play and loves swimming.”

“He’s a very pleasant child.”

He suffered from this period from two fatty cysts on his forehead that were later removed by surgery.

At the time of the medical tests, doctors confirmed that he suffers from rare SOX2 syndrome, which affects one in every quarter of a million people.

Dr. Tatiana Rudnikovich said:

“Alexander is going through all the regular checks and tests like any other child of his age.” “It’s okay .. Unfortunately, doctors do not believe that Alexander will ever see, despite his situation, that he should not be prevented from enjoying a fruitful life full of love. It will first be offered for adoption by Russian parents, but if no suitable parents apply, it will be transferred to foreign guardians. ”

Incredibly, there are two other cases of children born without eyes registered in the world. We send all our calls and sympathy to the child Alexander.

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