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On his 12th birthday, an abandoned child wishes to find a family to look after him



On his 12th birthday, an abandoned child wishes to find a family to look after him

The family is only aware of the value of those deprived of it

The family is normal for many children, and young and adult rarely think of its greatness in everyday natural conditions, but only realize the value of deprived of them, and was forced to face the cruelty of the world alone without loving support, nor a loving guide, and lived lacking this unique passion.

Samuel abandoned child wishes to find a family to take care of:
Samuel has very big dreams that he wishes to achieve, but he needs help in order to do so.

Samuel has been living in a Texas care home for three years but wants to have a family to live with.

He told KWTX that he was tired of this life and most of the people he met, and despite encountering great people who inspired him and gave him so much, he wanted a “family”.

He wants to inspire children living in nursing homes when he gets older and teaches them that he made the move, even though he was one day here.

Samuel wants them to learn to make hope, live it, and enjoy what other lucky children enjoy.

The official in charge of Samuel’s case says that he has good contact with older people, has a great passion, and has a lot of features that will thrive once he can get a family, but what makes it slow to implement is the need for a license for adoption. In Texas.

A letter was published by the newspapers stating:

“If you think you can give Samuel and any other child a loving home, don’t hesitate to call your local CPS office.”

This declaration was a kind of faith in humanity, and a strong desire to light the candle of hope for every child – in the case of Samuel – dreaming of a warm home and family.

The family is the backbone of society, and it is the backbone that supports man throughout his life and helps him to move forward no matter what life.

Being involved means you care…

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