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Study .. People who are delayed permanently live longer



Study .. People who are delayed permanently live longer

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Study .. People who are delayed permanently live longer

No one likes to be late, but there are some people who don’t manage to manage their appointments and arrive on time. Although permanent delays reflect a bad image of the person, there is a counter-aspect to that. According to a new study conducted by Harvard experts, late access is beneficial to your health.

Valvo wanted to share this good news with those who do their best to arrive early always, but they fail, so that everyone knows after all that arriving late is not a bad habit.

Late people are less stressed

Late people are always less responsible for those who are early, but the good side is that they live longer, and the reason for this has been explained by experts at Harvard Medical University, because people who are late are always more relaxed than those who attend on time. Late people do not allow appointments to affect their mood and as a result are not subjected to stress. Unlike punctuals who are more likely to have high blood pressure and heart problems.

Late people are happier

Late arrivals are also linked to optimism and high levels of enthusiasm because people who arrive late can face challenges and trainings or whatever the task and have the ability to organize them to arrive on time and this gives them long-term benefits. As Harvard’s study shows, optimistic people are happier, finding a way to look towards the bright side. According to experts, having a positive view of life improves health, makes people live longer, and optimism protects the heart and body.

Late people are smarter

Delay is an indication of high IQ.This is demonstrated by the study conducted by psychologist Jeff Count, as late people are multitasking, ie, tend to perform more than one task at a time, an indication of their higher ability to solve problems and face challenges better than Makes them more productive than those who arrive in time.

Late people live longer

The bottom line is that those who arrive late are less likely to experience mental stress, happier and smarter. Of course, those who are more able to relax are less likely to develop stress-related illnesses. Bigger, so don’t press yourself next time when you’re late for something. There is a saying: to arrive late is better for you than never reach.

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