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This is what drugs do .. Mother publishes pictures of her son before and after his addiction



The mother posted tragic pictures of her son trying to find him after he disappeared from Las Vegas for several weeks.
The first photo shows Cody Bishop, 26, who is in good health, while the second picture, taken only seven months after his drug addiction, is in a dire state, having lost a lot of weight and his body is full of ulcers and the effects of needles and worse that he is living On the streets without shelter.
Cody’s mother, Jennifer Salvin, said the photos should serve as an invitation to sound the alarm about drug abuse and wrote in a tragic Facebook post:

This is what heroin and meth do. This is the reality of many people and families in this world today.

She added:

Cody is still homeless in Las Vegas and I have not heard of him for weeks. Hearing about his bad news is difficult, but not getting any news about him is worse.

During its publication, the US urged urgent action on drug abuse among young people.

This is a serious issue that is spreading rapidly in our world. We need to unite and focus on reform instead of the government spending all its money to throw each other under the bus.

Jennifer’s post has now been shared more than 40,000 times with many comments in which some thanked Jennifer for her honesty and sharing of her son’s images that showed the tragic face of drug abuse, and sadly made it clear that drugs can take everything beautiful in your life in just a few months.


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