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Twins Conjoined at the Head Separated After 27 Hours of Surgery



There is nothing like miracles. Thanks to God, twins Conjoined to the head were separated after a 27-hour operation.

twins connected to the head were separated after a 27-hour operation

The twins, Anias and Jadon MacDonald, were born head-to-head, and has two children, who are familiar with the world for the first time, had no idea what tragedy they were experiencing.

They were like two fused heads sharing brain tissue and blood vessels themselves. But after the most dangerous operation of its kind, the 14-month-old boys were able to embrace each other for the first time.

Let us consider the developments that these two children have enjoyed over the past three years since they came to life.

The two children underwent serious surgery in 2016, costing $ 2.5 million, but the risk was inevitable. Dying was doomed by 80% unless they had surgery before the completion of their third year.

The operation was successful thanks to God, but the journey of full recovery has never been easy.

After the operation, Gadon was exposed to an immune deficiency infection that led to a high fever that prevented him from breathing and eating, but he recovered from it and showed behavior that kept pace with the behavior of children of his age.

“It’s nothing short of a miracle,” his mother wrote on Facebook.

As reported in The Epoch Time, the progress of the two youngsters was the fastest ever of all connected twins.

The mother of the twins said that Anias’ sick journey was more difficult than his brother’s trip, which was more like climbing rugged mountains. He suffered from sequential viruses that made him bedridden for four weeks, but with the power of God, he showed a marked improvement in his situation, his ability to move his legs and arms when crying.

Six months after the operation, the family took a video that the mother of the two children later posted on a Facebook post:

“If all the bad days come together, they will not extinguish the beauty of the light from the flame of this beautiful day. I am grateful when my body is shriveling and this beautiful atmosphere melts with my family after we have overcome the ordeal of disease and excess oxygen. ”

CNN reaped the latest developments for the two children for 2019. Unfortunately, God’s will in giving remains tied to his wisdom.

The father said that Gadon is improving noticeably quickly, and can speak and pronounce letters fluently.
Anias sitting in a wheelchair is like a masterpiece and struggles to be able to pronounce some words, and when he fails, he enters tantrums of up to 15 bouts a day.

The family also told CNN that they were satisfied with making such a decision, and they do not regret the operation at all, but their decision was based on their belief in God and their absolute trust in him, and nothing compares to the splendor of trust and faith in God. This ordeal also made them more interconnected and even became a family together.

We send our greetings and support to this warrior family and wish the young people continued health and well-being.

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